Goodbye pocket Wi-Fi: Shared data roaming is the new travel essential you need on your next trip

Marj Casal Handog

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Goodbye pocket Wi-Fi: Shared data roaming is the new travel essential you need on your next trip
Globe’s Roam Surf4All introduces a new group-shared roaming service that lets you experience more local gems with your travel buddies

Nowadays, a reliable internet connection is essential when traveling abroad, as it enables you to get a ride from the airport to your accommodation, use maps, communicate (plus bargain!) with locals using translation apps, and so much more.

But with the several options out there, how do you choose the best way to be connected? While pocket Wi-Fis and international SIM cards are common options, savvy travelers are now beginning to opt for roaming services. Here are some reasons why roaming services are the better choice, especially Globe’s latest offering: Roam Surf4All, the first and only one of its kind in the market today.

It lets you do your thing, alone or together 

Pocket Wi-Fi users are familiar with having to stick together – or else they will lose their internet connection. Unless there are two or more pocket Wi-Fis, it’s difficult to split into groups or go on solo adventures. 

But that wouldn’t be a problem with a data roaming service, especially with Globe’s Roam Surf4All’s latest innovation. This new offering lets you share your data roaming service with your travel buddies without staying close. If some of you want to go shopping, while others prefer indulging in food crawls or perhaps taking time for themselves, you can split up and pursue your own itineraries with ease. 

It lets you access and enjoy more online services

Since the network bandwidth is not shared, you can enjoy up to 5G speeds abroad with roaming services versus the slower speeds of a shared pocket Wi-Fi. You also won’t experience daily connection slowdowns and browse at normal speeds (as long as you have sufficient GBs). 

There will also be no need to restrict your usage. Whether you want to browse social media, share unlimited content, or keep up with your favorite dramas online, you can do so without worries about compromising the connection of your travel buddies.

It’s more convenient, secure, and reliable

There are so many things you need to do when traveling abroad – booking flights and accommodations, applying for visas, booking tours, buying tickets to attractions, and so on. 

When you get to your destination, picking up local SIM cards or a pocket Wi-Fis at late hours can be an extra hassle. Not to mention that pocket Wi-Fi providers might ask for a security deposit before handing over the device. You also can’t afford to leave it to chance and rely on public Wi-Fi, which risks endangering your personal and financial information. Save yourself from the trauma of getting hacked in a foreign country!

But if you just choose to use your data roaming services, all you have to do is register to the Roam Surf4All promo and turn on your mobile data and data roaming once you land in your destination. And since your SIM is active, you have no problem receiving OTPs and activating promos. 

Once you arrive at the airport of your destination, you can relax and have your first authentic meal instead. When it’s time to leave, you don’t need to allocate extra time in the airport to return it, too (and worry about not getting back your security deposit if you lose your rented pocket Wi-Fi device.)

It lets you save and protects you from bill shock 

People used to think data roaming services would result in bill shock. But that’s not the case. There are promos with fixed charges that you can subscribe to so you know exactly what you need to pay for, just like Globe’s Roam Surf4All.

Since these subscriptions are shareable, you can split the cost with the people you’re traveling with, making it all the more affordable. You can also set a data limit per member, allowing you to stay within the data allocation, monitor each member’s usage, and add or remove a member anytime through the GlobeOne app. 

Globe’s Roam Surf4All promos start at P2,599 for 5 GB worth of data for five days for up to five users. That’s only P104 per person per day. For group travelers who will have longer stays, there’s also a RoamSurf4All plan P5,499 for 10 GB that can last for 15 days for only P73 per person for a day and a RoamSurf4All plan P7499 for 12 GB that can last for 30 days for only P50 per person per day.  Check out the graphic below for the other promos:

Getting started with Roam Surf4All is simple. To register:

  1. Access the GlobeOne app
  2. Click Buy Promos
  3. Click More Promos Abroad
  4. Look for the Roam Surf4All promo you prefer

Once successfully registered to the promo, you can manage your data and add up to four Globe/TM members!

Easily add members to your group data:

  1. Click “Add Member” in the group data dashboard
  2. Click the Phonebook icon to choose from the contact list or manually type in the number of the member
  3. Once added, both owner and member will be notified

Upon arrival abroad, members can just turn on their Mobile Data and Data Roaming to start browsing. Do remember that the promo validity of Roam Surf4All starts upon registration. 

I used to be one of those Globe postpaid subscribers slash bill shock believers but after having tried the data roaming service while I was traveling in Europe and Japan, my perception has changed. It’s indeed an easier way to be connected, since Globe has worldwide coverage in over 100 countries, making it ideal for cross-country trips. 

Just register for one RoamSurf4All promo and you’ll be able to use it with any Roam Surf partner. No need to worry about losing connection or connecting to unsecured public Wi-Fi during layovers or wherever you are.

My subscription was also just charged along with my monthly postpaid bill so it was convenient to settle after coming home from my trip.

Stay connected wherever you go with Globe’s Roam Surf4All – available for Globe Postpaid, Prepaid, and TM subscribers. For Prepaid and TM users, Roam Surf4All is available on both GCash and GlobeOne. – Rappler.com

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