Powering Progress Together 2017: Cleaner Energy Moves Asia

Powering Progress Together 2017: Cleaner Energy Moves Asia
Read the live blog on the Powering Progress Together forum by Shell at Changi Exhibition Centre in Singapore

MANILA, Philippines – Shell’s Powering Progress Together forum comes to Singapore for the first time on Thursday, March 16 at the Changi Exhibition Centre.

This year’s event kicked off Make the Future Singapore, a four-day festival that features energy ideas and solutions from March 16 to 19.

The 4th Asian edition of Powering Progress Together forum focused on the theme “Cleaner Energy Moves Asia.”

As Asia continues to develop and become more urbanized, the challenge to meet the demands to live a better life and a healthy planet continues. This year’s PPT addressed how Asia can produce cleaner energy and find the balance between its increasing energy needs with lower emissions and a reliable energy system. This goal can be achieved through exploring new business models, leveraging technology to push new boundaries, and developing new partnerships and collaboration.

The forum served as a venue for open dialogue and innovative ideas. Experts and leaders from the government, business, academia, NGOs and the youth sector came together to discuss future energy challenges, solutions and opportunities that can be tapped.  

Cleaner energy in the future

The forum began with a welcome message and introduction from John Abbott, Downstream Director, Royal Dutch Shell.

This was followed by a panel discussion on Asia’s cleaner energy dilemma and what society can do to find solutions. 

Key speakers include:

  • John Abbott, Downstream Director, Royal Dutch Shell
  • Goh Swee Chen, Chairman, Shell Companies in Singapore
  • Marc Carrel-Billiard, Senior Managing Director, Accenture Labs (Moderator)
  • Ng Wai Choong, Chief Executive, Energy Market Authority
  • Visal Leng, President, GE Oil & Gas, Asia Pacific
  • Kong-Meng Koh, General Manager & Managing Director, South East Asia & Korea, HP Inc.
  • Mark Gainsborough, Executive Vice President, New Energies, Shell

An immersive experience on how cleaner energy impacts how people live, play and work followed with acts by Tapestry Playback Theatre. Goh Swee Chen, Chairman of Shell Singapore, then delivered a summary of the day’s events.

Guests for the event include Lee Ark Boon, CEO, IE Singapore, Bernard Nee, Deputy CEO, Energy Market Authority and Lim Kok Kiang, Asst MD, Economic Development Board of Singapore.

Apart from the Powering Progress Forum, the festival featured the Container of Possibilities: The Twenty Fifty, an interactive container exhibit featuring a modern Asian concept home by 2050 with innovations contributed by Shell and its partner organizations.

Take a look at the 360 photo of the exhibit below and drag your cursor to navigate. 

hi adrianna – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Guided tours of the Make the Future Singapore festival and workshops were also open to all attendees.

Catch the live blog below. – Rappler.com

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