Young Filipino innovators making a difference
Young Filipino innovators making a difference
Accenture's campus competition, Program the Future, provides a platform for Filipino students ready to disrupt the digital world

MANILA, Philippines Technology is advancing rapidly, and the Philippines needs more innovators than ever. The challenge here isn’t just to keep up, but to try and stay ahead.

Our internet-literate students are key to this goal. Is the Filipino youth ready to lead the digital world and disrupt industries?

We need to ensure they’re equipped with the right skills, tools, and mindset to get them geared for the digital evolution.

Accenture holds its yearly campus competition, Program the Future, to hone bright young minds who are set to create the next big thing that will change the world.

Discover the apps built by this year’s finalists with the theme artificial intelligence. Which team are you rooting for? –

Team Name: Perceptron

School: Cebu Institute of Technology University 

Members: King Joshua Montayre, Kier Vasquez, Christlyn Mae Cabanlit, Kent Caumeran

App: Insight

Insight is an innovative visual assistant mobile application designed to help visually impaired individuals see the world. Using Computer Vision powered by Microsoft Azure and its cognitive services, the app camera captures the user’s surroundings. A face recognition feature helps the user recognize people. Users can launch the app with a voice recognition feature. 


Team Name: Aid

School: University of San Carlos 

Members: Jeremiah Valero Jr., Rannzel Dwayne Tongco, Danielle Ann Piamonte, Erl Joshua Arcenal

App: Aid App 

Aid is a speech translation application for people with cleft palates. It is built to bridge communication bridge with these people who suffer from communication barriers. Aid envisions a world wherein everyone can understand and connect with each other. 


Team Name: The Hidden Geeks 

School: University of Santo Tomas 

Members: Louise Edwinsor C. Alcantara, Eunice C. Oliveros, Samantha Angeli C. Sepeda, Sachiko B. Shimada

App: Kultuoura

Kultoura is an informative scanner app which uses image recognition. It aims to promote nationalism by focusing on providing information on Filipino art, landmarks, or historical sites. This tour companion for families, students, and kids uses crowd-sourcing to gather data for machine-learning and implements text to speech for ease of understanding.



Team Name: Spero 

School: University of San Carlos 

Members: Chosen Realm Alfeche, Patricia Awayan, Jovi Cataluna, Hussain Zuorba

App: Spero 

Spero is a web platform which helps students choose which track or career path they would most likely succeed in. Using the students’ grades and results from career tests, it will provide tracks and career suggestions for students. For students who already know what they want to pursue, it simply will inform them what they need to work on to improve their chances of success.



Team Name: Savogue

School: Technological Institute of the Philippines 

Members: Lord James Tan Hular, Jasmine Faye G. Atendido, Eric Ponce Buenviaje, Justin Edward M. Flores

App: Desna Travel App 

Desna is a travel companion. Using AI, Desna will get to know users through their interests and preferences, and suggest new activities and places for them to try on their next trip. This is an app for seasoned travelers and casual travelers alike.



Team Name: Royal Loyal Royal

School: Cebu Institute of Technology University 

Members: Jemar Jude A. Maranga, Anna Loisa M. Daguman, Floyd G. Racal

App: Tabang

Tabang is a location-based mobile application that leverages medics, registered drivers, and ambulances during medical emergencies. Witnesses can broadcast a report by taking a picture, answering 3 questions, and narrating the incident via video. AI will analyze the information and produce a brief description of the situation and a medical record of the patient. The data will be sent to possible responders.



Team Name: F5

School: National University 

Members: Risa Marie S. Intatano, Jhonesa R. Tumamak, Raynus Eleasar Q. San Juan, Jeremiah T. Malicdem

App: Prina

Users can start healthy living with Prina. The app provides a customized workout plan, manages physical activities, and keeps diets on track. This personal health companion app motivates users to stay in better shape. 



Team Name: Team Excelsius 

School: Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila 

Members: Michael Joseph R. Maquilan, Meggy C. Ortiz, Mark Jeffrey A. Reyes, Jeanne Marie G. Valle

App: PharmaSeek

The app recreates the jobs of nurses in health centers and hospitals. The app uses speech recognition, natural language processing, text-to-speech synthesis, and face recognition algorithms. It aims to assist medical personnel in health centers in rural areas by collecting patients’ personal information and biometrics and expediting patient-to-doctor communication. 


Team Name: Cisabeth

School: University of the Philippines Cebu 

Members: John Paul Madulid, Romualdo Atibula, Sram J Isle Santillan

App: Fanapton 

It is an AI-utilizing mobile app, a web based shopping site, and Google Home assistant. It categorizes clothes, organizes wardrobes, acts as shopping assistant, suggests outfits, classifies images, promotes local clothing brands, and empowers SMEs. 



Team Name: Team Parakeet

School: University of the Philippines Diliman 

Members: Carl Dizon, Agatha Uy

App: Parakeet

Parakeet offers a complete parking solution, composed of a camera-based parking lot monitoring system, and a mobile app for drivers. It aims to contribute towards sustainable cities by helping drivers save time, energy, and money searching for a parking lot space, as well as allowing for a cheaper and easily installable parking lot monitoring system for establishments.



Team Name: Novice

School: De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde 

Members: Mark Christian G. Yu, Sohankumar Motwani, Jerwin O. Tan, Erwin Thompson L. Fung

App: Simplify

Simplify simplifies the recruitment process. It provides unbiased recommendations on people best suited for a specific job, an extensive set of communication features, and assistance in decision-making. It features a quick shortlist for recommendations, background checking abilities based on social media profiles, analysis of the results of various tests, and benchmarking based on model employees. 


Team Name: Team Brainsmart

School: University of the Philippines Diliman 

Members: Erwin Jan Lagutin San Pedro, Darvy Pena Ong, Ma. Erika Malasaga Valenzuela

App: Parkinson’s Disease Assistant Mobile App 

This is a cost-efficient smartphone-based Ambient Assisted Living system that helps Parkinson’s Disease patients stay active and live independently. It detects the activities and falls of the user. In case of falls, It sends SMS notifications to the patient’s family and medical contacts. The app uses threshold based algorithms to increase the reliability of the detected activities’ accuracy.


Team Name: DisasteReady

School: Asia Pacific College 

Members: Jana Marie G. Gardon, Johanna Marisse C. Heramia, Jose Lorenzo G. Tadeo

App: ResponseAble

In case of disasters, the app connects people who need help and people willing to help. It matches government requests to volunteers, bringing them together in one platform. The app will determine what kind of transportation to use and notify volunteers willing to donate the same supplies. If the government does not have enough vehicles, the app will notify registered volunteers who are willing to lend a car.



Team Name: Team ATE

School: iAcademy 

Members: John Matthew C. Alviz, Michael Angelo Cadavillo, Greg Marvin T. Cabrera, John Cuthpert Y. Magbanua

App: Artificial Traffic Enforcer System (ATE)

ATE is a buddy app for MMDA officers. It can monitor traffic 24/7 and send notifications to traffic enforcers. This app promotes fast response to accidents. Any violators will be caught via the AI system. Video evidence will be sent to officers. Traffic lights will be managed based on current traffic situations.



Team Name: Capricioso 1 

School: University of San Jose – Recoletos 

Members: Daniel Fernandez, Ry-el Mycoh M. Basilan, Jeremy Chin Santillan. Not in photo: Jun Dobit

App: RPLife App 

RPLife is a project management app that integrates life into a productive online role-playing game. Fight enemies and level up by completing tasks and quests, but receive damage when you miss a deadline. Yuka, one of the many companions that can be collected, studies productivity trends and acts as the user’s coach. 

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