Investing for your child and Paying it Forward
Investing for your child and Paying it Forward
The GradMaker app from Manulife gives parents the opportunity to invest in their child’s future and Pay It Forward to children in need

MANILA, Philippines – There are many stories of people who used their education to get somewhere in the world no matter what their situation is.

Take Daniel Cabrera, the young boy whose photo went viral, for example. His story inspired people, both young and old, when a photo of him studying on the street using what resources he had at that moment: a wooden bench and light illuminating from a fast-food restaurant. 

It’s not everyday that we see a young child like Daniel – someone who believes that circumstance does not dictate your future.

Tuesday Sicadsicad, a young woman who earned a full scholarship despite her disability, is another inspiring individual whose story proves that when the youth are given access to education, they are capable of many great things.

When she was just 9 years old, Tuesday was struck with meningitis and took away her ability to speak and control of several muscles.

Her love for learning continued despite her condition. With the help of her family, a computer, and the power of her own two feet, which she uses as her hands, she was able to learn English. She eventually pursued higher education and enrolled in an online IT course and was given a full scholarship by the school upon hearing her story.

If it were not for people who gave these children hope and opportunities, they may not reach their full potential. What if you could help children like Tuesday and Daniel while investing for your child’s future?

Investment with a purpose

It’s not everyday that you’re given a chance to help other children go to school by way of investing for your child.

With innovation and technology available today, this has become something that can be possible with an app that helps you give back while investing for your own children.

GradMaker is an app from Manulife that provides parents an easy, safe and convenient option to invest and save for their child’s college fund. The app allows you to calculate for your child’s college tuition, sign-up directly on your own, and pay online in a matter of minutes. For as low as P10,000, your money is invested into a diverse portfolio of stocks and bonds. You are also covered with life insurance so your child’s future is secure in case something happens to you.

The GradMaker app was co-created by parents who wanted a simple, DIY, mobile solution to save for their children’s college fund.  It was designed to make investing simple, mobile, fast and hassle-free. The app allows you to invest anytime (you are not bound to a monthly due date) using your debit or credit card.

But it becomes an investment with a purpose as for every investment one makes, 1% is matched by Manulife to be donated to charity, specifically to Cartwheel Foundation, which seeks to nurture indigenous youth and communities their right to proper education. The foundation also gives members of the indigenous communities the knowledge to improve their self-sustaining capacities and increasing their access to different resources.

Education is a privilege that, unfortunately, not all are given but with innovation and technology, we all can help make a difference. This app is an example that technology can be used as a tool to innovate and improve lives, give members of society access to important things in life such as education, and open up opportunities to help those in need. –

Would you like to Pay It Forward? A world where children have equal access to education is a dream that can be achieved. Secure you children’s future now and Pay It Forward. Learn more about the GradMaker app by visiting


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