Getting fit is no easy feat, but these Huawei wearables can help you achieve your goal
Getting fit is no easy feat, but these Huawei wearables can help you achieve your goal
Time to finally achieve those fitness goals for real!

MANILA, Philippines – Is fitness is one of your resolutions for the upcoming new year? 

It’s a pretty lofty goal – we all know how difficult it is to drag ourselves to the gym and steer clear of sugary drinks and junk food. 

You’ve probably even held on to this resolution for several years running, but just never had the time nor the motivation. 

But with a little help from the new Huawei wearables, you can stay on track with your health and fitness goals. Each wearable is tailor-fit for various fitness goals. Check out which one is perfect for your fitness journey! 

For those just getting started

Are you a busy professional who doesn’t have a lot of time to spare? The Huawei GT2 can take you right from the office to a hike or marathon – it’s a sleek, fuss-free, and long-lasting watch. 

You can train with efficiency while wearing the watch, as it provides a detailed training data record, evaluation, recovery time suggestion, running courses, and 15 workout modes. 

You can use it for indoor sports, such as elliptical, rowing machine, pool swimming, indoor cycling, indoor running, free training; and outdoor sports such as hiking, outdoor swimming, triathlons, outdoor running, cycling, and trail runs. And it’s so easy to connect it to your smartphone because of its Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity that allows Bluetooth messaging and calling. 

The watch helps you even when you’re not working out. It provides suggestions to help you sleep better through TruSleep 2.0 and monitors your stress levels and heart rate accurately through TruSeen 3.5.

And no worries about it dying on you while you’re in beast mode – the watch can operate continuously for up to two weeks. It has a Kirin A1 chipset so users can enjoy lower power consumption resulting in longer battery life. And even with intensive use, it can still last up to 30 hours.

For those wanting to take their workouts up a notch

Have you already started on your fitness journey, but want to move forward from the sporadic workouts? The Huawei Band 4 is the perfect choice if you want to get serious about it and analyze your health and fitness data, from sleep, heart rate, and exercise.  

The watch has a sporty look with its large screen, a variety of creative watch faces to choose from, and straps which come in three colors: Graphite Black, Sakura Pink, and Amber Sunrise. It has a plug and charge feature that lets you conveniently charge the device anytime and anywhere.

The watch supports 9 exercise modes, including running, indoor and outdoor walking and cycling, elliptical machine, rowing machine, and free training. During exercise, you’ll be able to monitor your heart rate, matching speed, calories, step numbers, time, distance, and other data in real-time. 

Are you a budding running enthusiast? The watch comes with Professional Running Monitoring and Guidance and a Running Exercise Plan to get you started.

The watch also monitors the heart rate whether during exercise or sleep. You can then easily synchronize your exercise data to your phone. 

Aside from heart rate, the watch keeps track of your sleep structure and quality, identifies bad sleeping habits, then generates suggestions for improvement through smart notifications. 

For the solid sports buffs 

The Huawei Band 4e is just the thing for serious active sports buffs, from running to basketball. The breathable woven straps and light band made from sustainable materials make it comfy for your next workout. 

For ease, it’s available in dual wearing mode – you can remove the straps and use the buckle to attach the band to your clothes instead. 

And if you’re a baller, you can set the app to foot mode, attach the band to your shoes, then switch it to basketball mode before hitting start. You can easily check real-time performance data, including the number of jumps, jump height, workout duration, distance covered, calories burned, step count, and more. 

Runners can also monitor stats such as average pace, average speed, average cadence, and step length. It also boasts of 7 running form metrics perfect for runners and athletes.

With this data and a battery that lasts up to two weeks, sports buffs such as you can better improve their form and reduce injuries.

What’s your fitness resolution? 

You can set all the weight and fitness goals you want, but without resolving to make it a habit, you won’t get anywhere. And with the help of these smart devices, getting fit can be much easier and more efficient for everyone.

Remember that getting fit won’t come at a snap of a finger – you need to keep at it to see results!

These Huawei wearables are available in the following stores for these prices:

  • Watch GT 2 46mm Active Edition – 10,990
  • Watch GT 2 46mm Elegant Edition – 13,990
  • Band 4 – 1,890
  • Band 43- 1,390


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