5 Ways growing up in the 90s shaped a generation's mindset

MANILA, Philippines – It was the golden era of the “pre-tech boom” and pop culture.

The 90s was truly all that. Playing outside, watching Nickelodeon, having conversations with friends on a landline phone, listening to the feel good tunes of S Club 7, Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls – these are some of the awesome things that 90s kids got a taste of.

People born in the 90s were the very first digital natives. Before iPods and other portable gadgets, they had walkmans and discmans. Before Wi-Fi and constant connectivity, they had dial-up Internet. Before mobile phones became our primary source of information and communication, they had walkie-talkies.

Today, the younger kids don't know a time without emails, touch screen devices, hard drives (what’s that square symbol on Microsoft Word that allows you to save the file?), and social media.

Growing up in the 90s era and living in the tech-driven society of today, how does one perceive these rapidly-changing times?

You have an intense appreciation for mobile data

Back in the day, we can only spend hours surfing the Internet after school. Before mobile data and during the archaic times of our low-tech mobile phones, we had to rely on mediocre dial-up Internet that can only be accessed on big, bulky personal computers.

Today, mobile data allows us to be connected, stay updated with the latest news, and even guide our ways to places unknown. A data package like Smart’s newest offer allows you to bid good riddance to the woes of data-less mobile phones. 

You miss those solid mobile handsets

If you think hard enough, you will realize that forever does exist, and it comes in the form of a mighty Nokia 3310.

Back when we knew nothing of shattered screens and using rice as a trick to make wet phones dry, we could be as careless as we wanted with our trusty, unbreakable Nokia phones.

Today, we need to take extra care in handling our steeply priced yet fragile smartphones to keep them from breaking with an accidental slip of the hand.

Isn’t it about time for a durable Nokia phone to have a love child with a smartphone that has really awesome features?

Your gratitude for streaming websites is on a whole ‘nother level

90s hit shows like The Legends of the Hidden Temple, Hey Arnold! and Dexter’s Laboratory could only be caught during their time slots on TV.

Now, 90s kids no longer have to keep track of the time to catch their favorite shows. Streaming websites like YouTube and iflix are a godsend to this bunch who’ve spent a considerable amount of time sitting out commercial breaks, waiting for their favorite shows to air.

You’re still impressed with good old synth-less sounds

With the rise of genres like electronic dance music (EDM), house, and techno-pop, music today at first may sound a tad overwhelming for 90s kids who are accustomed to their decade’s steady, predictable beats. 

Growing up to the unadulterated sounds of Eraserheads, Savage Garden, and Third Eye Blind, to name a few, makes 90s kids keen for the sound of raw instrumentals that complete these well-loved tunes. 

You relish times when the family is complete

Don’t we all just miss quality time with the family without being preoccupied with our personal gadgets?

90s kids would have fond memories of having out of town trips to Enchanted Kingdom, waiting to eat before the family is complete during dinner, and huddling around the television screen to marathon the daily lineup of shows are experiences. Some of these are already quite uncommon to modern-day families.

When you find your family members’ eyes glued on their mobile phones despite all of you being physically together, it's a breath of fresh air to invite them to avert their eyes away from the screen, and to connect with each other by having little, meaningful conversations. Just like the good old times. 

One way or another, these throwbacks from the 90s have shaped who we have become today, completing the whole package of our personalities. 

When the 90s kid in you feels a bit overwhelmed with the fast-paced times, look back at your childhood and remind yourself that you’re extremely lucky to get the complete deal: the best of both worlds of the easy-going 90s and the exciting 2000s. – Rappler.com

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