Business and technology: How the game has changed

MANILA, Philippines – Creating a business requires commitment from the moment you finalize a big idea to when you begin to execute your plans.

Through the years, going digital has been the obvious way to amplify a product or service. When the Internet revolution began, it offered simple platforms to showcase what a business has to offer (such as Multiply). The idea of starting an online business become more accessible.

Soon after, the world was all about social media. Communicating with friends and even customers became much easier and more practical. Posting photos and videos now takes less than 10 seconds when years ago uploading something in 2 minutes blew everyone’s minds.

But as people adapted to a fast-paced lifestyle, the business side of things also adjusted and had an opportunity to level up and make it big. Now we have e-commerce, owning its own right to become a course in universities, and social media becoming a business in itself.

Here are some important concepts to take note of when it comes to the growth of businesses through the years. 

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