CONVERSATION: The changing world of business

MANILA, Philippines – Aside from strengthening relationships and enhancing communication, technology has opened doors for more people who want to put up their own businesses.

In the age of real-time access to information, entrepreneurs can be connected to their costumers in an instant. Traditional means of advertising, such as handing out fliers, word of mouth, and making noise through events have been amplified by social media. From retail, to food, and even health and wellness, products have also adapted to reflect the average consumer’s fast-paced, mobile lifestyle. Through various online platforms, businesses are truly becoming bigger – expanding locally, entering global markets, and touching more lives and communities.

Let’s talk about businesses – whether you own one or believe in one. Tell us: how do you think businesses have changed through the years? Do you own or transact with a business who has made it big with the help of technology? What is the value of using digital strategies to grow a business? What do you think is the importance of using social media or online platforms to grow a business idea?

Here's what people had to say about online shopping, their favorite businesses and how technology has changed the game. –

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