How much time and money do we waste sitting in traffic and looking for parking?

MANILA, Philippines – How important is free time in your life?

Having the choice to spend your time meaningfully can make you happier, as shown in a study conducted by researchers from the University of British Columbia. 

But there’s one thing hindering us from having enough free time: traffic. Specifically, too many cars that cause congestion on our main roads and parking lots.

With all the time (and money) that we waste stalled along EDSA or queued up for parking, we could be doing so much more. So it’s high time that we do something about it.

Uber recently commissioned a study on the impact of ridesharing in congested cities such as Metro Manila. Can ridesharing services like Uber help us beat traffic – and regain our right to free time? Check out the results of the research below.

Copy by Krista Garcia | Graphics by Shellete Gipa