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Driving in the modern world

MANILA, Philippines – Today, drivers are wired and connected like never before - and so are their cars.

The problems that man and machine face on the road everyday have increased tenfold: now, there are more cars, more traffic and more distractions on the road. Behind the wheel, drivers need the right kind of tools to tackle these problems. 

Advanced features like a small turbocharged engine or an automated parking system used to be available only on high-end makes and models. Nowadays, advances in technology have made features like these readily accessible even for the average car buyer. 

For smart drivers, these features enhance good driving habits that help them become better drivers and safer on the road.

Precise parallel parking

Reversing diagonally into a tight spot can feel unnatural for a lot of folks; a recent survey shows that around 27% of Filipinos admit to finding parallel parking stressful. When the room for error is just a few inches, it’s easy to see why. 

Luckily, cars equipped with a guided parking system can now steer themselves into a parallel spot at the push of a button. All the driver has to do is shift the car in gear and lightly step on the accelerator and brake pedals. If a self-steering car sounds a lot like science fiction, rest assured that it’s real and it works.  

In the nick of time

A fender bender can end up in whiplash and a hefty insurance fee. This type of accident usually involves a drowsy, distracted or disgruntled driver. Simple errors behind the wheel are responsible for roughly 79% of road crash fatalities in the Philippines. 

These days, there’s a safety feature built in to some cars that help prevent these kinds of bumps. If a car travelling at 50km/h or less doesn’t slow down for an incoming hazard, front sensors will detect the danger and the vehicle will stop automatically before a collision happens. While a near miss isn’t ideal, it’s a lot safer than a sure hit.

A mobile-friendly car

The Philippines is one of the most mobile-connected countries in the world.  Unfortunately, this national love for cell phones sometimes ends up in the dangerous habit of using them while driving. The National Statistics Office recorded 1,290 traffic accidents from 2010 to 2012 as a direct result of phone use.    

To aid those who can’t afford any missed calls, it’s now possible for drivers to use their phones while on the road. A sync feature hooks up a cell phone to the car’s on-board computer via Bluetooth. Using voice commands, a driver can then place a call that can be heard through the car’s speakers. This sync feature allows drivers to stay connected with significantly less distraction. 

More power, less fuel

When deciding on which car to buy, affordability and good fuel mileage are big considerations. Some gear heads also take the car’s performance into account. In the past, it was usually a toss-up between a fun car and an affordable one. New technologies have now made it possible to have both.

Car manufacturers have made small turbocharged engines available even on less-expensive models. A well-designed 1.5-liter engine with a turbocharger gives a car serious power and torque while improving fuel efficiency by as much as 20% compared to a bigger engine. 

Like any gadget designed to meet the modern lifestyle, the latest cars are equipped to meet the needs of today’s drivers. While there’s no substitute for human alertness and awareness on the road, these features complement safe driving habits to make the modern drive a more efficient and relaxed experience. –

Equipped with high-tech features like SYNC®, Active Park Assist, Active City Stop and the signature EcoBoost engine, the New Ford Focus is fit for the modern driver that prefers a fun and safe ride.