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Globe At Home plans: Upgrade to 35 mbps connection for only 1499

Globe At Home plans: Upgrade to 35 mbps connection for only 1499
UNLI FIBER UP is giving your family more speed to keep winning at home

Editor’s note: This article was written with Globe at Home. 

The pandemic turned our homes into something more than just a place to eat or sleep. It’s now a place where a preschooler first learns how to read or write, where a college graduate finds their first job, where a young professional moves up the career ladder, or where a single mom starts her own business. 

That’s why so many of us have taken to home renovations and improvements. Whether we live in a big or a small house, we’ve understood the need to set up a space that would let every member of the family keep winning at life. 

While setting up work or study stations is a good place to start, there are other important factors that are needed to reinvent our homes into a powerhouse. Globe At Home’s enhanced postpaid plans are determined to be your partner in doing so. 

As we all know, an internet connection is now a basic need. We need it for crucial things like online learning, remote working, communicating with friends and family, and small but important things like looking up recipes, learning new skills to stimulate the mind, and keeping the family entertained. 

UNLI FIBER UP boasts of unli fiber plans that offer faster-than-your-regular-internet connection at prices that you can definitely afford, including their newest and most affordable unlimited fiber plan to date–UNLI FIBER UP PLAN 1499.

This plan allows you to enjoy up to 35 Mbps internet speed without burning a hole in your pocket. It’s strong and reliable enough to handle every family member’s needs and whims. Plus, it’s unlimited. 

Anyone can avail of the UNLI FIBER UP 35 Mbps plan until September 30, 2021. And applying can’t get any easier. You can do it from the comfort and safety of your home. All you need to do is to visit Make sure you have a valid ID with you.

After filling up the application form, you only need to wait for a message saying that your application has been approved. From then on, Globe At Home guarantees that a technician will be paying you a visit within 48 hours. Globe At Home’s technicians all undergo regular Covid-19 tests to ensure the safety of subscribers. Each one is also trained to adhere to safety protocols set by IATF. 

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