INFOGRAPHIC: 10 hi-tech cities around the world

MANILA, Philippines – If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would you go? If you ask us, it should be in one of these 10 modern cities.

More than having breathtaking landscapes, gastronomic delights, or a vivid nightlife culture, these cities are lauded for using information and communications technology (ICT) in various aspects of governance – transportation, security, healthcare, and more. The results are simple yet powerful: cheaper maintenance costs, lower carbon footprints, and happier, healthier citizens. 

Below, take a look at 10 efficient cities and their best ICT practices. Can you imagine your own city following suit?

A mobile revolution for development

“Going digital” doesn't just answer every city’s need for convenience, efficiency, and better access to information. In the long run, ICT can also solve long-running problems like access to basic healthcare, education, and better job opportunities. The Philippines is poised for exponential growth – public and private sectors just need to know how to harness the right tools.

According to Gil Genio, Chief Technology and Information Officer of Globe Telecom, reliable connectivity is something every Filipino needs.

He says: “Access to information is very powerful, not just for students, parents, and teachers, but more importantly for those marginalized. They use the Internet to look for job opportunities, from simple ‘side-lines’ to regular work. Filipinos can learn new skills by simply watching videos on line. They can discover business opportunities, even partners online. Very enterprising Filipinos even get discovered when they upload their videos on the Internet.”

In the coming months, expect telcos like Globe to do their part by improving their infrastructure and service packages for the ever-expanding mobile user base.

“We are committed to connecting every Filipino to the internet so they can live their digital life,” Genio adds. –