Do you really need super hi-speed internet?

Do you really need super hi-speed internet?
Sometimes, the best solution isn't the most expensive subscription

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In a hyperconnected world, we’re told that we need faster speeds to keep up. But is that really true, or do we usually end up purchasing more than what we actually need?

Remember, the higher the internet speed, the more expensive the fees. To make the most of what you’re paying for, it’s key to find a plan that offers just the right amount of speed you need at a price that fits your budget.

However, finding that perfect or swak internet subscription in terms of speed and price can sometimes be tricky because you’re either left with cheap but slow and unreliable internet or shelling out too much money for a high-speed plan.

The best way to go about this is by carefully researching the options available to you so you can make an informed decision. After all, who likes being frozen while presenting in a video call or feeling helpless in crucial online meetings for work?

There are different kinds of internet subscriptions available in the Philippines. Some rely on wireless networks using LTE or 5G connections, while others subscribe to wired connections which are now mostly made of fiber optic cables.

While devices that use wireless networks (like pocket or prepaid WiFis) may be easier to get, it’s not always the most reliable since it heavily depends on where you’re located and whether or not you can get a decent signal. Not to mention the hassle of reloading whenever you run out of data.

If you’re going for speed and reliability and will have a fixed address, your best bet is getting a wired unlimited connection from trusted internet providers like SKY Fiber. SKY Fiber has a variety of new Super Speed Plans that fit your needs and budget just right.

Picking a subscription

The question then if you choose to have a wired connection is how much speed you really need on a daily basis. Most providers offer from 20 up to 200 Mbps, sometimes even higher. So when does it become too much?

The answer to that depends on what you need the internet for, and how many devices you have in a household. And if you carefully take stock of these two main things, you may realize that you don’t need such ultra high speeds after all.

If you need help figuring it out, here’s a quick guide that estimates internet usage:

ActivityMinimum required
Checking e-mail1 Mbps
Google docs0.5 Mbps
Streaming SD videos (720p)3 Mbps
Streaming HD videos (1080p)5 Mbps
Streaming 4k videos25 Mbps
Social media and web browsing3 Mbps
Video calls3-5 Mbps
Casual online gaming3-6 Mbps
Broadcasting streams3-6 Mbps
Sources: allconnect.com, CNET.com, support.google.com

If there are three to four of you in the household, all conducting light to moderate internet activities, SKY Fiber recommends their 50 Mbps Plan. For just P1,699 per month, the SKY Fiber 50Mbps Plan is good enough if you’re all working from home, occasionally streaming videos, taking video calls, or playing casual online games.

If you feel like 50 Mbps is too much and you’re mostly going to use the internet by yourself or with one other person, then they also have a more affordable option at 20 Mbps or 30 Mbps at P999 and P1,299 respectively. On the flip side, if 50 Mbps is not enough, there are options available reaching up to 200 Mbps.

Maximizing speed

A good internet experience doesn’t solely rely on your connection’s bandwidth, so it’s not always about getting higher speeds.

First is finding the right placement for your networking devices such as the modem. You want to place it near the center of your home, and in a spot with as little obstruction as possible. You can also place it high on a wall, and try to avoid having other electronics around it (especially those that can interfere with the signal).

If you’ll be working from one spot in the house, then running an ethernet cable from the modem to your computer will definitely help. Otherwise, staying connected via WiFi should be good enough.

SKY Fiber also offers free WiFi Mesh devices which can properly distribute your internet signal without slowing it down. Mesh devices offer users more than just one access point to the internet. So if you need to extend the reach of your WiFi signal, all you have to do is add more WiFi Mesh devices. SKY Fiber bundles its plans with 1 or 2 free WiFi Mesh devices so that there are no dead zones inside the house. 

WiFi Mesh devices are more reliable than conventional routers and extenders as they are designed to transmit stronger and faster signals so more people can connect at the same time without flooding your bandwidth.

Subscribing to SKY Fiber

Getting connected with SKY Fiber is easy. The application process is fast and can be accomplished online to help ease the burden for busy bees. All plans also come with free WiFi Mesh (the number of units depends on the chosen plan) to ensure a seamless connection for every subscriber. 

What’s more is that new subscribers of select SKY Fiber plans can also get boosted speeds of up to 50% more until July 31, 2022. For example, if you get the 50Mbps Plan, you can experience up to 75 Mbps speed until the end of July.

If you want to enrich your entertainment experience, SKY also offers cable-bundled fiber plans. These Unli Broadband + Cable TV Plans come with a SKY EVO digibox which provides you with seamless access to several cable TV channels and streaming apps like HBO GO, iWantTFC, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Spotify.  

SKY Fiber is swak for those who want fast and reliable internet without the high costs. Interested? Check out this page to see what plans and promos they offer. – Rappler.com