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Thrive Through Change: The value of tech in the time of COVID-19

Thrive Through Change: The value of tech in the time of COVID-19
Get to see how the combination of technology and human ingenuity is enabling people to help one another and create value amid immense change

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the world since last year. In conversations of how we are coping and what we may do to move forward, a term is often brought up: digital transformation.

Experts say that, while we have long been headed towards a more digital reality, the process has been accelerated because of the present circumstances.

Accelerated transformation

According to Forbes, across the board, there has been a six-year acceleration in the pace of digital transformation. This global crisis has forced organizations – from big businesses to MSMEs – to change their systems and adopt more digital-based workflows.

These changes can already be seen in the shifts in how we do things – such as the more widespread adoption of video conferencing and the heavier use of cashless transactions and online banking. There are also more robust pivots with private, public, and civil sectors learning cloud capabilities and utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and data science over manual methodology to address problems in this challenging time.

However, just like any rapid intervention, things would soon have to transition into long-term solutions. In the case of technology, the key to creating sustainable change is understanding that an increasingly digital world does not mean a less human world. On the contrary, being more human is the key to succeeding in the world, post-COVID-19.

Thrive through change

In the coming months, Rappler, in partnership with Accenture in the Philippines, will be putting a spotlight on how the best of human ingenuity, combined with the right technology and tools, is enabling people to help one another and create value amid immense change.

Entitled “Thrive Through Change,” this campaign will see stories of people, businesses, and organizations from different walks of life coming up with solutions that are addressing challenges brought about by the pandemic.

These initiatives range from efforts to support employees’ wellbeing and professional growth, innovate to help clients’ businesses, and make a greater impact to the community.

The campaign will kick off with a look at how the future of work will be and what Accenture in the Philippines is doing for its employees throughout the massive pandemic-driven change to the workplace. There will be a roundtable discussion on the topic, which will feature Accenture in the Philippines country managing director Lito Tayag and country human resources lead Ira Reyes with Kalibrr founder and chief executive officer Paul Rivera.

Expect a series of articles and video content that dive into life at Accenture in the Philippines and how the organization innovates and uses technology to make a positive impact on the lives of its employees, clients, and the community during these tough times.

In “Thrive Through Change,” we will get to understand how true resilience is brought about by embracing change and harnessing technology.

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