TechRap unRap: ASUS Zenbook 13

TechRap unRap: ASUS Zenbook 13
We unRap the ASUS Zenbook 13 to find our balance between flexibility and functionality

As we near the holidays with worn-out keyboards and depleting laptop batteries, many of us are on the search for our next laptop – perhaps one more robust and mobile to take on 2021. For our latest gadget review, we unRap the agile ASUS Zenbook 13.

Weighing just 1.11 kg with an 88% screen-to-body ratio, this ultralight laptop packs an 11th Generation Intel Core i5 processor with Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics. It also comes with Thunderbolt 4 and USB-C ports for high-performance versatility.

In this TechRap unRap, watch exactly how the Zenbook 13 masterfully balances performance and portability. For students and professionals working on the go, its premium design could very well be worth the investment.

The ASUS Zenbook 13 starts at P54,995.



ASUS is a multinational company known for the world’s best motherboards, PCs, monitors, graphics cards and routers, and driven to become the most-admired innovative leading technology enterprise. With a global workforce that includes more than 5,000 R&D professionals, ASUS leads the industry through cutting-edge design and innovations made to create the most ubiquitous, intelligent, heartfelt and joyful smart life for everyone.