What to expect from Globe at Home’s redefined fiber experience

What to expect from Globe at Home’s redefined fiber experience
We talked to Janis Racpan, Globe At Home Head of Product Marketing, about their new fiber-strong, family-strong initiative

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As we’ve all come to rely more on our home internet connection, many of us are continuously looking for a connection that fits the different digital lifestyles of everyone in the family.

So to keep up with the family’s increasing demand, we may have done something to improve the speed, reliability, or quality of our high-speed internet connection at home. Who hasn’t bought new routers, WiFi mesh, or maybe even switched to an entirely new service provider?

In an interview with Rappler, Janis Racpan, Globe At Home’s new Head of Product Marketing, emphasized that speed is just the beginning.

“At Globe At Home, we want to redefine the fiber experience by going beyond just connectivity and speed to also offer our subscribers guaranteed service and a strengthened ecosystem. We want to ensure that they will have a good end-to-end experience with GFiber,” she stressed.

Racpan’s statement encapsulates Globe At Home’s fiber proposition. With the goal of meeting its customers’ demand for faster and reliable internet connection at home for a leveled-up digital experience, Globe At Home launched its new fiber-strong, family-strong initiative.

Globe At Home’s fiber refresh

Globe At Home has identified three pillars that will serve as the network’s benchmarks while they redefine the fiber experience.

The first is network-strong. “We want to ensure that we have a strong network, meaning it’s fast and also reliable. [We also have] different innovations in terms of the way that we serve the connectivity needs of our customers,” said Racpan.

With 2x more Globe fiber lines this year than in previous years, Globe has been offering free fiber upgrades within serviceable areas nationwide. 

The second pillar is service-strong. Globe at Home offers a strong service guarantee with as early as 24-hour installation upon approval of the online application via the Globe online shop, where subscribers can track their application status in real-time. Globe At Home is also making it easier for them to apply for their GFiber Plan with the shop’s pre-filled customer information feature for Globe Postpaid and GCash subscribers. Meanwhile, Globe At Home also offers as quick as 24-hour repair for existing customers. 

What to expect from Globe at Home’s redefined fiber experience

Lastly, they are committing to a lifestyle-strong service with an ecosystem expansion for gaming-strong and streaming-strong experiences. Aside from free three-month access to select streaming apps, they have also leveled up subscribers’ gaming lifestyle with a faster fiber experience compared to VDSL/LTE.

“We continuously innovate our product offerings and explore new partnerships aligned with our subscribers’ interests to ensure that we help elevate their entertainment lifestyle at home by giving them access to their favorite apps. With this, we are delighted to announce that discovery+ is now part of Globe At Home’s growing ecosystem,” she added.

GFiber Unli plans

Globe at Home’s fiber refresh manifests in GFiber Unli, the all-new Globe fiber plans that come with faster wifi speeds, strengthened servicing, and other perks that match the unique digital lifestyle of every household member.

What to expect from Globe at Home’s redefined fiber experience

Subscribers can choose from different high-speed plans after considering their own budget and connectivity needs. With GFiber Unli Plan 1699 they can get 150 Mbps fiber speed, or choose GFiber Unli Plan 2499 to get up to 500 Mbps. 

Complementing these are a host of perks, including three-month access to entertainment apps Viu Premium, HBO Go, Amazon Prime, and Globe At Home’s newest partner discovery+. Subscribers also get a three-month subscription to Konsulta MD, which provides them access to 24/7 teleconsultation with a licensed doctor. GFiber Plans 2499 and up get an additional free landline and access to the VIP hotline. 

Racpan also highlighted that being a GFiber Unli subscriber brings customers into the Globe ecosystem. “We have partners like GCash, Konsulta MD, and KROMA [Entertainment]. With all of these companies working together, I think that’s where you can expect innovation and also an integrated approach to improve the lifestyle and answer the needs of our customers.”

What to expect from Globe at Home’s redefined fiber experience
With Globe at Home, homes are made greater 

Intrinsic to the GFiber is the idea of supporting everyone in the family. Racpan shared that this is because Globe At Home believes that being fiber-strong allows for strong and successful individuals and families.

“We hope that through this, homes are made greater and we are able to connect families better so that whatever aspirations they have, through the power of the internet, they are given more opportunities. Ultimately, Globe At Home recognizes their greatness. We’re here to help them navigate the uncertain times so families can take control of their pursuit for greatness for themselves and for their families.” 

She also hinted at more innovations and programs to expect for the rest of the year. “At Globe, we always like to talk to our customers. We ask them what their needs are and how trends are evolving. We also look at best practices around the globe in terms of what we can bring to the Philippines as an innovation or as a new service to help our customers in their digital lifestyle.”

Be fiber-strong. Upgrade or switch to the Globe At Home GFiber Unli plans that are fit for the digital lifestyle of everyone in the household. Visit Globe’s website for more information. – Rappler.com

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