What you should never say to someone on their period

Isabel Salvosa
What you should never say to someone on their period
Words have underlying meanings, so be wary of these common faux pas

MANILA, Philippines – As if periods aren’t difficult enough on their own, we also have to deal with clueless comments about the whole ordeal from men – even other women.

If you’re biologically female, you’ll know how simultaneously amusing and frustrating it can be when you get silly questions about menstruation.

Sometimes, these comments cross the line, coming off as sexist and misogynistic.

We’re supposedly in more “woke” times, but it’s apparent that many still think that the menstrual cycle is a taboo topic.

It’s a natural phenomenon, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Next time you’re on your period, take the movement a step forward by shooting down the following comments below.

“It can’t be that painful.”

Menstruation can be a debilitating experience. Most females, however, suffer in silence.

Hey, if you’re going through it on a monthly basis, you’re probably used to it already, right? Wrong!

Prescribed painkillers such as Paracetamol may not always be enough. Ever missed a day of work or school because of your period?

Unfortunately, menstrual pain isn’t often discussed in the health community. We need research to provide more effective treatments. Cramps may even be a symptom of something more serious.

In the video below, YouTuber Wil Dasovich tells his sister, “It can’t be that bad!”

However, after he and his friends puts themselves in female’s shoes – or to be more accurate, their pads – they acknowledge just how difficult it can be. 

Never let anyone else downplay the pain you’re feeling. It’s your experience, not theirs. Tell your friends, your doctors. Encourage conversation about it.

“You’re so sensitive! You’re probably on your period.”

Have you ever gotten into a disagreement with someone, only to have them say this statement in jest? And sometimes you’re not even on your period!

Sure, menstruation can be painful enough to make us snappish and impatient. But this comment perpetuates the notion that our ideas should be negated just because we happen to have periods every month.

When someone plays the period card, they’re saying that anyone on their cycle isn’t worth taking seriously. But we deserve real responses to our emotions.

We feel and think things even when we’re not on our periods. Our biological functions have nothing to do with it.

“Period blood’s dirty!”

It’s 2017, yet the mere mention of menstruation is still met with repulsion.

When we encountered the telltale blood stain on our underwear for the first time, we felt equal parts horrified and frightened at the sight.

Society does not feel comfortable with the idea of periods.

Have you ever felt embarrassed about openly taking your pad out of your bag? Gotten mocked when you stained your pants? Or, in desperate times, asked guys to buy you your sanitary needs, only to get an exclamation of “Yuck!” in return?

The menstrual cycle is perfectly healthy and normal. Don’t play into the culture of shame.

Acknowledge that it happens. It’s an integral part of loving your body.

Menstruation up for discussion

The menstrual cycle can be bewildering, but that’s exactly why it should be talked about.

A message to the opposite sex: stay enlightened. Recognize the unique difficulties of each sex.

For all: learn to appreciate how females manage to take their experiences in stride – and even celebrate it as part of their identities. – Rappler.com

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