Kitchen 143

[Kitchen 143] Celebrating Chinese New Year

[Kitchen 143] Celebrating Chinese New Year
We'll be sharing some ideas for Chinese New Year dishes in this episode!

Living in a diverse community has its perks – such as celebrating New Year twice. For 2022, it would be January 1, and February 1 for Chinese New Year – the Year of the Water Tiger.

In this episode of Kitchen 143, host Michelle Aventajado of Momma N’ Manila talks about Chinese New Year festivities – from customs to food preparations.

Joining Mish in this week’s episode are Louren Sy, Louie Chan, and Didi Tiu Tang, some of her friends who have much to share about Chinese New Year celebrations. They will share some of their go-to dishes for the holiday.

Be sure to watch out for our Quiz the Cook questions – we are giving away prizes. Five winners will take home the following:

  • From Tim Ho Wan: Chef’s Basket A
  • From Cleeneco: 3 hours General Deep Cleaning with Disinfection Service
  • From Lee Kum Kee – Assorted Products

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