[Kitchen 143] US Frozen Potato Hacks with ChefMom Rosebud Benitez

[Kitchen 143] US Frozen Potato Hacks with ChefMom Rosebud Benitez
Check out part two of four in our special series with Potatoes USA

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Frozen potatoes don’t always have to be turned into fries or chips. In fact, we can turn them into just about anything – a healthy meal for the family even.

In the next episode of Kitchen 143, we’re once again expanding the frozen potato potential. Joining Michelle Aventajado is a face familiar to most home cooks in the country, ChefMom Rosebud Benitez.

Chef Rosebud is a celebrity chef most known for appearing on cooking shows on the GMA News TV (now GTV). She will be demonstrating two hacks for us: a Ham and Veggie Pizza with a U.S. Potato-crust, and U.S. Taters and Bacon Kebabs using frozen potato products from Potatoes USA.

Watch out also for Quiz the Cook questions to get a chance to win a Potatoes USA swag kit, including a backpack, an apron, mousepad, and a copy of the BAKE Recipe Collection!

This episode of Kitchen 143 streams on Tuesday, March 1, at 4 pm. Bookmark this page to watch! – Rappler.com