Kitchen 143

[Kitchen 143] Keeping tabs on your family’s health

[Kitchen 143] Keeping tabs on your family’s health
What can we do to keep our families in tip-top shape?

Conversations concerning health aren’t limited to just eating healthy. Equally important are getting enough sleep and incorporating physical activity. With the world still in the middle of a pandemic, being mindful of overall health involves the entire household.

In this episode of Kitchen 143, Michelle Aventajado of Momma N’ Manila continues the discussion on kicking off the new year with healthier habits – in mind, body, and spirit. Taking part in the discussion are pediatrician Dr. Gem Lazaro, jiujitsu master TJ Sulit and partner Paolo Lino of Origins Jiujitsu, Asia Group Advisors’ ED Ivanna dela Torre who also penned the children’s book When The World Sneezed, and food and beauty entrepreneur Kath Buendia of Keto Pesca.

Be sure to watch out for our Quiz the Cook questions. Five winners will take home the following:

  • From Chow Baby: 2-day trial Chow Baby Meal Plan
  • From Keto Pesca: 2-day trial Ketopesca Meal Plan
  • From Kanteena: P500 each worth of gift certificates to be claimed in-store
  • From Origins Jiujitsu: Class Passes and Origins Tote Bags
  • Copies of the book When The World Sneezed

Kitchen 143 airs on Tuesday, January 24, at 4 pm. Bookmark this page to watch and win! –