Kitchen 143

[Kitchen 143] Making healthy decisions with Juana Yupangco
[Kitchen 143] Making healthy decisions with Juana Yupangco
Healthy, plant-based recipes packed with flavor? Learn how to do them with Juana Yupangco of Mesa ni Misis!

With the world opening up, Kitchen 143 now heads out not only to our favorite restaurants in and out of Metro Manila but also to home kitchens.

In this K143 Kitchen Invasion, Michelle Aventajado of Momma n’ Manila visits Juana Yupangco, nutrition and food security advocate and author of Mesa Ni Misis, a cookbook that seeks to put the spotlight on recipes for the family that use native Filipino vegetables.

Join us for this episode of Kitchen 143 and experience the thrill of a kitchen invasion with Michelle and Juana. Tune in to see how they put their creative culinary skills to the test and learn some valuable cooking tips along the way.

Kitchen 143 airs at 8 pm on Tuesday, May 30. –

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