Kitchen 143

[Kitchen 143] Riding the Korean wave

[Kitchen 143] Riding the Korean wave
It's all about Korean food in this Kitchen 143 episode!

There is a global phenomenon for everything Korean, from their K-dramas, their music pop icons/stars, their beauty regimen, and, of course their food – so much so that Filipino companies have started getting Korean actors and idols in their marketing campaigns.

In this episode of Kitchen 143, host Michelle Aventajado talks about Korean food and how so many restaurants and home businesses have opened to serve this insatiable demand. The flavors are well-suited to the Filipino taste such as robust meat dishes that are both sweet and spicy, hot soups and stews, playful and creative ice cream flavors, multi-flavored alcoholic drinks, an endless variety of street food, and family-style cooking.

Joining her are host and vlogger Sam Oh, one-time Korea expat and friend Jerome Mc Cuin, and chef Andrea Amado.

Be sure to watch out for our Quiz the Cook questions – we are giving away a lot of prizes. Five winners will take home the following:

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