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Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli shares how she overcame her 'supreme kaba' about cooking

When someone is great at cooking, we, Filipinos, are fond of telling that person “Wow! Pwede nang mag-asawa.” It’s because most of us, especially our parents, titos and titas, lolos and lolas, see cooking as a rite of passage before anyone should enter into a marriage.

So, any Filipino newly-weds know that “kaba” feeling of now taking on the responsibility to cook for their spouse – even celebrities like Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli. In a conversation with Judy Ann Santos during the Maggi Magic Supreme Sarap Usapan Facebook premiere last September 11, Sarah opened up about her life as a new wife to husband, Matteo Guidicelli.

“[‘Yung] biggest challenge for me, [dati] tayo lang sa buhay, and family. Ngayon meron nang asawa na kailangan isipin at alagaan,” said Sarah.

[The biggest challenge for me is thinking about another person, my spouse, other than myself and my family.]

And one of the things she’s finding most challenging is thinking of meals not just for herself but for her husband, too. This means that they should always come up with dishes they would both enjoy. It can’t just be one or the other now. But it also can’t be just any meal, there are several other factors to consider, too.

Masarap kami kumain [ni Matteo] so dapat bantayan na hindi lang masarap but healthy din ‘yung kinakain [namin],” said Sarah.

[We love to eat so we should also make sure that what we're eating is not just delicious but healthy, too.]

But Sarah and her husband are learning together as they go. They’re both learning how to do household chores that they’re used to having someone else do for them before like cooking healthy but delicious meals and keeping their pantry well-stocked.

Sarah is also learning how to become a more resourceful wife. She would look up recipes on the internet if there’s something that she wants to cook but doesn’t know how. She’s finding the recipes on most helpful for her. She once cooked her favorite bangus sisig through a recipe from

Kailangan ng patience sa pagluluto. ‘Pag pumalpak, keep on trying until makuha ‘yung tamang process,” shared Sarah.

[In cooking, you need patience. If at first you fail, keep on trying until you learn the right process.]

Now that she’s the newest member of the MAGGI Family, Sarah is finding herself discovering this right process of cooking with the help of the new MAGGI Supreme Sarap all-in-one cooking sauce.

She shared her new all-in-one secret cooking sauce with all the viewers of the MAGGI Supreme Sarap Usapan Facebook premiere by starring in her own cooking show. Thanks to some tips from her Ate Juday, Sarah was able to skillfully whip up a Supreme Chopsuey dish – a recipe she got from

But unlike before, Sarah feels more confident now and is slowly letting go of her “kaba” when cooking for her husband now that she’s using the Maggi Magic Supreme all-in-one cooking sauce. It has all the ingredients she needs to make her chopsuey or any dish that she plans to make supreme sarap: soy, oyster, garlic, onion, and meaty flavor. It adds MAGGI Supreme Sarap meaty-linamnam, lapot, and langhap to dishes like adobo, pancit canton, and ginisa.

With this in hand, Sarah feels better about preparing healthy and delicious meals for herself and her husband everyday. Wala nang kaba! –

Hey moms, try the MAGGI Supreme Sarap! It’s available in 60g sachet and 360g bottle in groceries and supermarkets in Luzon.

To learn more about MAGGI Supreme Sarap, visit MAGGI PH Facebook Page or visit! #MaggiSupreme Sarap


MAGGI has been the Filipina Homecook’s partner in promoting the goodness of homemade food. Our wide range of products makes cooking an enjoyable experience, inspiring homecooks to cook food that's delicious and nutritious. With MAGGI Magic Sarap, MAGGI Supreme Sarap, MAGGI Savor, sauces, bouillons, and sinigang mixes, simple dishes are transformed from good to great.

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