[Kitchen 143] US Frozen Potato Hacks with Ninong Ry

[Kitchen 143] US Frozen Potato Hacks with Ninong Ry
Check out part one of four in our special series with Potatoes USA

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Have you ever thought about the importance of potatoes?

Potatoes are one of the most significant yet overlooked ingredients in the world. As a food crop, it has served as the backbone of many economies across the globe. After all, it is dense in nutrients and fiber.

For the next episodes of Kitchen 143, we’re unpacking our beloved potatoes and showing how you can hack US frozen potatoes and turn them into delectable dishes.

And we’re kicking this series off with Ninong Ry, a chef who has gained a large following in recent years thanks to his unique brand of chaotic humor that makes food and cooking more relatable to homecooks.

In this episode, we are visiting Ninong Ry’s kitchen to see how he has turned Potatoes USA products into two unlikely dishes: pork katsu crusted with curly fries and tater tots brownies.

Watch out also for Quiz the Cook questions to get a chance to win a Potatoes USA swag kit, including a backpack, an apron, mousepad, and a copy of the BAKE Recipe Collection!

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