WATCH: We take the Next Generation Ford Everest for a test drive

Julian Cirineo
WATCH: We take the Next Generation Ford Everest for a test drive
Camping trips, a drive to the movies, a quick grocery run – the Next Gen Everest is an SUV built for the fam

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The Ford Everest has finally gotten an update! Released last July, the new lineup which was first launched in 2003 and then updated in 2015 now has a new generation of SUVs for those looking for a new car. So who is the Next Generation Ford Everest built for exactly?

SUVs have been rising in popularity over other car types simply because they are big enough for a family or a group but not too big that they would be hard to drive around.

They’re great for city driving and powerful enough for off-road driving. It’s a great middle-ground for those who are looking for power, space, and comfort. And the Next Generation Ford Everest, released last July, is getting an all-around boost, plus a five-year warranty that comes standard with all Next-Gen Ford Vehicles.

In this video, we take the Next Generation Ford Everest Limited for a spin to see just how great of a family SUV it really is!

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