PHOTOGRAPHY Geric Cruz / TEXT Adrianna Mejia / DEVELOPMENT Dominic Tuazon / PRODUCTION Jason Tulio & Nicole Revita

This is a story peopled by the extraordinary. There are monsters here, and pixies too, twirling on silver poles. Scroll down these pages, and watch them come to life – the ninjas leaping into the sky, the sopranos with their bright eyes, and the boy and the girl, living happily ever after.

This is a story about the places they occupy – the workplaces, the studios, the apartments in the city and sprawling orchards by the coast that inspire their lives and work. Leeroy New, building new horrors in an old garage. Elma Muros, shooting down the red tracks. Elmer Borlongan, surrounded by paints and canvas. Paolo Villaluna, wandering with his camera from set to studio to faraway field. Coke Bolipata, playing his violin to wide-eyed children under the boughs of his mango trees. Sarge Lacuesta and Mookie Lacuesta, writing fiction and poetry on opposite sides of a sunny apartment.

This is a story about people, and about the places they call home.

“Talagang hindi ako sumusuko. At kahit kailan talaga, nakatatak na sa akin na galing ako sa hirap.” ELMA MUROS-POSADAS, Athlete
“Children don’t like to see themselves as underprivileged. The self-esteem that they get from being an artist or musician is tremendous because immediately, it sets them apart.” COKE BOLIPATA, Violinist
“Pagpasok mo dito, makikita mo isang kwento ng lumang bahay na hanggang ngayon buhay pa.”ERIC PARAS, Furniture and Interior Designer
“Before we were boyfriend-girlfriend, we were best friends. We're still best friends now, buddies before husband and wife.”EIRA ALAGAN, Homemaker
“I wouldn't even claim I know what I do now. I'm always exploring. I wouldn't want to say, 'Yeah, this is me.'”LEEROY NEW, Artist


Take a 360-degree tour at the home of Eira and August Alagan, then drop by Renegade Folk with Tina and Regina Sambalido. Complete the experience with a look at Eric Paras' A-11. Just press play on the images by Fung Yu below and navigate with the icons.

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We chose five individuals who have inspired spaces. They bring our list to 25. Meet the guitarist, the powerlifter, the two business owners and the painter.

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It’s when you are anchored that you begin to explore possibilities and aim for higher goals. For a lot of us, that anchor is the space that you dwell in. It is where you thrive, where you create, or where you can simply unwind and let go.

For 25 years, Avida Land has fostered a relationship with people that want to transform possibilities into realities. It takes pride in the construction of sure, secure and sensible developments that allow individuals and communities to flourish.

From couples and families beginning a new chapter in their lives, start-up entrepreneurs making a name for themselves, to artists and musicians continuously honing their craft, Avida carves the space that promotes inspired living.