Mang Inasal ignites the nation’s hearts for Gilas Pilipinas
Mang Inasal ignites the nation’s hearts for Gilas Pilipinas
The fast food chain is calling on every Filipino to do the 'pusong palaban' as a gesture of support for the Gilas players

MANILA, Philippines – Filipinos have a special passion for basketball. In fact, the word passion falls short in describing our relationship with the sport. There’s a better word for it: puso, which means heart and so much more.

Puso allows our players to soar and score over some of the biggest, tallest, and most intimidating foes. Puso allows us to rise and overcome any challenge or adversity, so that in the game of basketball we can stand tall with the rest of the world.

Puso is more than just passion. It’s faith, hope, courage, and trust all rolled into one.

In the next few days, Gilas Pilipinas will go up against some of the top teams from across the globe for the 2016 FIBA qualifiers. They will need all the puso they can get.

Mang Inasal, the country’s number one Pinoy BBQ fast food chain, is taking on the challenge of igniting the hearts of Filipino basketball fans all over the world to support Gilas Pilipinas. Thus, a new battle cry is born: “Sarap ng pinag-isang puso!” (the joy of a united heart!)

Nothing can be more satisfying for the Gilas Pilipinas players than to know that they have the hearts of an entire nation beating as one, supporting their efforts in the battle ahead.

To unite the country, Mang Inasal is calling on each and every Filipino to make a simple but powerful gesture; one that shows courage, determination, and strength of will. It is the act of striking your chest with your clenched fist. This is called the “pusong palaban” (fighting heart).

Making the pusong palaban gesture is a way of saying “fight on!” and “never say die!” and “we believe in you!” It is a fierce show of brotherhood and solidarity meant to intimidate opponents and fire up our countrymen.

Through mobile technology, the whole world will be able to see in real time every pusong palaban gesture ever made. This allows Filipinos not just in the Philippines but all over the world to act as one and to give Gilas Pilipinas the kind of support they need and deserve.

Our national team will need a lot of heart to beat their upcoming opponents. Hopefully, as they play on our home turf, millions of Filipinos can help provide all the heart they need to win.

To find out more about how you can do the pusong palaban and support Gilas Pilipinas, visit  –

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