Call for proposals: Lasallian scholarium grant for print media
PRESS RELEASE: Submissions open on September 3, 2018 and close on January 31, 2019

This is a press release from De La Salle University.


The Lasallian Scholarum Grant for Print Media is awarded to broadsheet and/or magazine journalists who wish to develop a full-length feature article around an issue on youth and education in the Philippines.


The successful grantee/s will receive a seed fund of Php 30,000 during the 15th Lasallian Scholarum Awards (April 2019). They are required to present the finished product on the 16th Lasallian Scholarum Awards (April 2020). The feature article should also be published by the grantee/s’ media company within a year after receiving the fund.  Only two entries per cycle will be given grants.



Content of the feature must be thoroughly researched. The finished product must be at least 1,500 words in length. 


Eligibility, requirements, and selection process

The following print journalists are eligible to receive the Lasallian Scholarum Grant for Print Media. Applicant/s must:

  • be at least 18 years of age.
  • have Filipino citizenship.
  • be currently working, in a professional capacity, for a Philippine-owned newspaper or magazine.


Please note that NGO, charity, and PSA projects are not eligible for submission. No joining fees will be collected. Interested journalist/s must submit two (2) copies of the following in a sealed short brown envelope: 

  • Professional bio or resume
  • Recommendation letter from the media network
  • Thorough project proposal and description not exceeding 10 pages. Format is 1.5 spaces, short bond paper with 1 inch margins on each side
  • A project timeline


All submissions will be reviewed by the Lasallian Scholarum Awards’ pool of internal screeners. Once the shortlisted entries are selected, these will be evaluated by the Lasallian Scholarum Board of Judges. The successful grantee/s will be selected based on the project’s relevance, originality, alignment with the Philippine youth and education advocacy, and impact. 


Entry deadlines

Submissions open on September 3, 2018 and close on January 31, 2019. Please submit all entries in a sealed brown envelope to: 

The Lasallian Scholarum Grants
21F Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC Hall
2401 De La Salle University
Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila

For inquiries and email submissions, please send PDF copies of all requirements to with the subject Lasallian Scholarum Grants  for