BPFI to release musicale featuring persons with disabilities
BPFI to release musicale featuring persons with disabilities

Van Tuong Nguyen, Iehiro Tokugawa

The pre-Christmas musical production entitled ‘Pana-panahon’ will premiere on December 5, 2021

This is a press release from Boundless Possibilities Foundation, Inc.

Boundless Possibilities Foundation, Inc. (BPFI), a non-profit organization focused on helping adults with developmental disabilities to live more productive lives, will release its pre-Christmas musical production on Facebook Live on December 5, 202l, 7:30 pm.

The production entitled Pana-panahon takes viewers on an emotional journey of the lives of Special Parents and their children – from the exhilarating moment of birth (Tag-araw), to the devasting discovery of disability (Taglamig), to finding ways of coping (Tag-ulan),  to breakthroughs and surprising discoveries (Taglagas), and finally being able to embrace the future with hopeful acceptance (Tagsibol).

The story is told from the perspective of the parents and children, which they narrate through a medley of songs and dances. The performers are real-life parents and children, so the emotions are authentic and felt. An interesting feature is the use of “found music”, where the kids use common household items and even body parts as musical instruments. The kids and parents also get to use sign language in some of their numbers.

Adding more color to the production are Noel Cabangon, whose original composition Pana-panahon inspired the musicale, and Candy Pangilinan who is herself a mother of a special-needs child.

This production follows the highly-successful “A Christmas Story 2020” musical, which was also shown online last year. 

All proceeds for this musical will go to BPFI beneficiaries, the ‘Gentle Giants,’ to help support their various community activities and social entrepreneurship programs. –