Call for submission for anthology of literary works on COVID-19

This is a press release

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. A wayward virus has not only cost lives, but also disrupted what we know to be normal and threatened our social fabric. We have been anxious, lonely, frustrated, and enraged with how the pandemic is unchanging; but we also have been hopeful, optimistic, inspired and celebratory with how the human spirit triumphs in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

Towards this end, the Social Medicine Unit of the UP College of Medicine has embarked on the “Human Spirit Project: Beyond PGH,” a project that aims to document these human experiences.

The submission guidelines are as follows:

Submissions will undergo editorial review and selection. There will be no compensation for accepted works. The editors for this anthology are Alvin Cabales, Noel Pingoy, and Joey Tabula. –