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Endeavor Philippines looking to scale up early-stage startups

Endeavor Philippines looking to scale up early-stage startups
PRESS RELEASE: Endeavor Philippines launches the second cohort of its Endeavor ScaleUp Program. The deadline for applications is extended until August 31.

This is a press release from Endeavor Philippines.

Are you an entrepreneur who has found product market fit and is looking to exponentially grow their business? If yes, then join the Endeavor ScaleUp program, an accelerator for early-stage startups to become high-impact entrepreneurs. You may apply here.

Endeavor Philippines is looking for companies with a degree of traction and a significant customer base to join the second cohort of its accelerator program. Endeavor ScaleUp, launched in 2020, aims to accelerate early-stage startups and groom them into becoming “high-impact entrepreneurs,” that is, entrepreneurs that have achieved significant scale-up success while paying it forward in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Through a dedicated mentor with firsthand experience in scaling up a business, workshops by industry leaders, and guidance from the Endeavor team, the program aims to double the revenue of candidate companies in six months. The program is also open to companies looking to expand in the Philippines.

The ScaleUp Cohort 1 Journey

For the first cohort conducted in the first half of the year, Endeavor selected two startups: Dealogikal, an automation service for the procurement process through an online marketplace of commodities, logistics providers, and financing options, and Expedock, an automation service on data entry for shipment documents for freight forwarders.

The founders of both companies were paired with an experienced entrepreneur that served as their mentor throughout the ScaleUp program. Ron Hose, co-founder of, guided Dealogikal, while Nix Nolledo, co-founder of Xurpas, guided Expedock. Both Ron and Nix are Endeavor Entrepreneurs. The candidates also participated in three workshops led by members of the Endeavor network. The topics included fundraising by Farouk Meralli, B2B sales by Paul Rivera, and financials by accounting and consulting firm EY.

After having gone through months of the program, Dealogikal hit its highest monthly revenue, more than doubling it, while Expedock grew 40% month-on-month and closed their seed round with around $4 million.

Applying for ScaleUp Cohort 2

Application for cohort 2 is from July 1 to August 31, 2021 (deadline has been extended), with the announcement of selected candidates in the second week of September. Program proper will run from September 2021 to February 2022. Applicants are expected to have achieved product-market fit, or a degree of traction and significant customer base, are looking to exponentially grow their business, have a clear and exciting vision for their company, and can benefit from regular mentorship, workshops, and additional support from the Endeavor network.

If you are that company, apply here now. –

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