#PowerToProtectPH: Campaign to protect marine wildlife launched

This is a press release from the Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines:

MANILA, Philippines – Philippine-based marine conservation non-governmental organizations (NGOs) started a video and social media campaign to raise awareness among tourists about marine wildlife tourist interaction best practices and national guidelines being put in place to protect the welfare of marine animals, the communities that rely on them, and ensure the growth of sustainable tourism in the country.

The campaign is organized by the Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines (LAMAVE), in collaboration with 6 other local NGOs.

Named "Their Future Our Future", the project will be releasing 5 one-minute films, each focusing on one iconic marine species alongside an interaction guideline delivered by the local communities at the heart of wildlife watching in the Philippines.

Social media efforts will spread the message to the international community, while encouraging people to support the importance of the guidelines being enforced because we all have the #powertoprotectPH – be it whale sharks, turtles, sharks, or the future livelihood of the local communities.

The first of these films has just been launched, which features the whalesharks and the People's Organisation of KASAKA in Pintuyan, Southern Leyte. 

The campaign is funded by the Conservation Media Group, and is a collaboration between the LAMAVE, Save Philippine Seas, Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines, Greenpeace PH, Green Fins, Responsible Tourism Philippines, and Reef-World Foundation. It is also supported by the Department of Tourism and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. – Rappler.com

For further information on how to get involved, please contact Sally Snow at s.snow@lamave.org or via +639772055794.