PIR to launch internet domain for global NGO community

This is an announcement from the Public Interest Registry.

MANILA, Philippines - Public Interest Registry (PIR), has put its 10-year experience of running 10-million users strong .Org, into creating a new top level Internet domain designed exclusively for genuine non-governmental organizations. 

The new domain became publicly available on May 6, 2015.

Nick Thorne CMG, former United Kingdoms Ambassador to the United Nations, and now Outreach Team leader with PIR, will host a reception to launch the new NGO domain and its host Internet Portal: “ONGOOD” in the Philippines on Thursday, May 21, at the E-Library, Asian Institutement of Management Conference Center in Makati City at 6:30 pm.

The new domain, known as .NGO/.ONG, (.ONG for Spanish, French and other romance languages), has been developed by PIR in close consultation with a broad and international range of NGOs.

More than just a web address, this new domain is designed to create a unique international online community for civil society.

For the first time, all sectors of civil society including humanitarians, environmentalists, human rights groups and charities of all kinds will have their own home on the Internet, with an enhanced ability to become more visible within a trusted community.      

Applicants will be required to demonstrate that they are genuine NGOs, thus ensuring the vital trusting nature of the community.

Having done this, domain holders will have their organization included in a searchable NGO Directory that includes a customizable online profile, enabling each NGO to showcase its activities and communicate with partners, funders and the public.

The unique directory page (effectively a starter web site) will include a “donate here” button to help donors contribute directly to the organisation of their choice. - Rappler.com