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JCI Regatta opens search for 2016 Pinoy Icon

ILOILO CITY, Philippines  – The Junior Chamber International (JCI-Regatta) in Iloilo has launched the Search for 2016 Pinoy Icon in its bid to give recognition to home-grown modern day Ilonggo heroes.  

Now on its 4th year of giving recogntiion, the Pinoy Icon was introduced by JCI Regatta to give honor and credit to modern day heroes of Ilonggo lineage whose work delivered lasting impact and had greatly contributed to the Ilonggo community. 

“What sets the Pinoy Icon apart from other awards and recognition on heroic deeds by individuals is its being local. An award bestowed to a recipient from its own hometown is always close to the heart, sentimental and sweeter," said Rey Javila Jadoc who chairs the Pinoy Icon nominations committee.

“The award intends to bring to the larger public the work of various Ilonggos who are silent workers in their field of vocation, yet whose work delivered results that are worth emulating and can serve to motivate the younger generation to follow,” explained Christy Marie Woo, President of JCI Regatta. 

The JCI Regatta developed the award process on the belief that there is a hero quality in each and every Ilonggo. This 2016 the Pinoy Icon will have 12 honorees which will be feted in the grand awarding ceremony on June 12, 2016 set at SM City Iloilo Activity Center.

Who can be a Pinoy Icon?

Individuals, either male or female, can be nominated as long as they are Filipino citizens and must be at least 30 years of age.

The nominee must have roots in Iloilo, a body of work relevant to the Ilonggo community, and must have created an impact on the lives of Ilonggos. Moreover, the candidate should have lived in Iloilo for at least 5 cumulative years.

The awardee and the nominator is required to be present on the awarding ceremony.  

Who can nominate a candidate?

An organization or institution can nominate anybody deemed worthy of the award. The nominating organization or institution should identify one category provided in the list of 12 categories that befits the nominee. A person can be nominated in one category only.  

Nomination requirements

The candidate must accomplish a nomination form. The completed nomination form must be submitted in 3 copies and must be accompanied by sufficient supporting documents in order to enable the members of the screening committee to properly evaluate the nominee’s entry to the award.

The accomplished nomination form must be submitted not later than 5 PM of May 15, 2016 at the JCI Regatta office located at Eon Centennial Plaza Hotel, Jalandoni Street, Iloilo City.

Nomination form boxes

The nomination forms are made available in standee boxes at the following offices:

Interested parties can also secure the form at or at the Facebook page of Pinoy Icon.

12 categories in tribute of heroes 

The Pinoy Icon has 12 categories that also match the names of 12 prominent Filipino heroes. Candidates can be nominated in the following fields:

Among the Ilonggos who received recognition from previous year’s awarding of Pinoy Icon were Senator Franklin Drilon (Government Service), Oscar Lopez (Media), Dr Jurgenne Primavera (Technology and Invention), Sonia Cadornigara (Women’s and Children’s Rights), Dr Malbar Ferrer (Medicine), PG Zoluaga (Visual Arts), Jose Mari Chan (Music) and Tony Meloto (Civic Work), among the many in its illustrious list.  

An award for ordinary Ilonggos

In spite of the renowned names in its roster of awardees, Pinoy Icon Project Director Jose Francisco Gerona underscored that the “Pinoy Icons need not come from the circle of the rich and famous. Nominees can be any Ilonggo whose work is exemplary and can serve to inspire fellow Ilonggos especially the youth.”  

JCI Regatta is one among the more than 500 local organizations of the Junior Chamber International, popularly referred before as the Jaycess but now known as a worldwide grassroots movement of young and active citizens involved in developing and shaping global leaders.

The Pinoy Icon is among JCI Regatta’s brainchild project consistent with its mission of creating development opportunities for members to acquire and sharpen leadership skills in order to provide multiple channels for communities to benefit under its 4 areas of opportunities - individual development, community immersions, business and entrepreneurial training and creating international network. -

Ted Aldwin Ong is one of Rappler's lead Movers in Iloilo City.