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Call for entries: Share art of all forms to support Malaya Lolas

Call for entries: Share art of all forms to support Malaya Lolas
Ka-Ilongga Organization is accepting visual, literary, and multimedia art for a digital zine which they'd sell to raise funds for lolas who were survivors of sexual abuse and slavery by Japanese military during World War 2

This is a press release from Ka-Ilongga Organization.

Layág or canvas in Hiligaynon is an annual digital zine project organized by Ka-Ilongga Organization (KIO), featuring various works of art –visual art, multimedia, song composition, and literary work. This is released every March 8, in celebration of International Women’s Day, following the theme of the year and raising awareness for their featured beneficiary.

Additionally, an online information campaign and donation drive will be held for the selected beneficiaries. 

The pilot volume will be entitled, “Ginhawa” with Malaya Lolas as this year’s project beneficiary.

Who are the Malaya Lolas?

Malaya Lolas is a Pampanga-based organization. Aside from volunteers, the organization is comprised of 24 elderly women who were victims and survivors of sexual abuse and slavery during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines in World War 2. They seek justice and reparations from the Japanese and Philippine governments. However, there have been no financial, psychological, or political reparations for the Malaya Lolas and most of the comfort women in the Philippines. 

Without much of the needed support to fund daily needs, expensive geriatric healthcare, and many other expenses, these Lolas are vulnerable to more pain and ailments. As this pandemic severely limits social interaction, feelings of isolation and loneliness are also inevitable. 

How can we support Malaya Lolas?

There are multiple ways one can show their support for the Lolas, such as visitations, volunteering, and financial support, but KIO also provides an avenue for artists to help through Layág, the digital zine. 

The objectives of the Layág Zine Project are to raise funds in order to support KIO’s target beneficiary; raise awareness surrounding them, their cause, and the issues they wish to address; and provide a platform for female artists and creatives inside and outside the organization to showcase their advocacy and work. 

Ka-Ilongga Organization will also accept donations for the benefit of the Malaya Lolas starting March 8, 2022. By donating a minimum amount of P150, donors will receive a digital copy of the zine along with their acknowledgment receipt via e-mail.

The donations will go towards the procurement of care packages for the Lolas, which will include face masks, alcohol, and diapers, among other necessities. In the case of leftover funds, these will be donated directly through an immediate family member of one of the Lolas. The donations will be turned over to the Malaya Lolas starting April 18, 2022. 

Furthermore, Ka-Ilongga Organization had also procured walking canes for the Lolas using the funds collected from sponsorships and partnerships, which will be sent to them this December, along with letters in conjunction with the organization’s ongoing project, “Love Letters for the Elders.” 

What can I submit to Layág, the zine? 

  • Visual Art Traditional or digital mediums of art, such as paintings, drawings, design, crafts (e.g., embroidery), and photography
  • Literary Art – Written works like poems, prose, short stories, essays, and flash fiction
  • Multimedia – Animation, song compositions, spoken word, and short films or videos
Overall guidelines
  1. Layág Zine Project is open for submissions of entries from anyone who a) is female at birth or identifies as female, but will prioritize those from or currently living in Western Visayas. 
  2. All entries must be original and must revolve around the theme, “Ginhawa,” which means “breathe” or “take a breath”, but may also explore relevant history, trauma, coping, and the Malaya Lolas. 
  3. Contributors may submit multiple entries but please take note that each submission will be screened by the Layág core team to ensure that the zine’s content is cohesive and relevant to the theme. 
  4. The dimensions of the zine are 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9). For entries that will use landscape orientation, make sure that it follows these dimensions or a 16:9 ratio. For entries that will use portrait orientation, make sure their dimensions follow an 8:9 ratio. 
  5. Contributors will be asked to classify their work as a) Visual Art, b) Literary Art, and c) Multimedia. 
  6. The use of English and Filipino languages is recommended. However, if contributors wish to use their native language or dialect, they will be asked to provide an English translation. 
  7. If you believe that your entry contains sensitive material that may be triggering for others, please include content or trigger warnings. 
  8. The deadline for submissions is on December 31, 2021. 
  9. Entries that show or promote any form of discrimination (e.g., racial, gender, etc.) will not be accepted. 
  10. Entries that include graphic scenes depicting rape, torture, abuse, and other non-consensual acts will not be accepted. 
Guidelines for visual art, literary art, multimedia submissions
Where can I submit my work? 

Send submissions through this link:

Questions regarding the entries can be emailed to or through the Ka-Ilongga Organization Facebook Page. –