WEBINAR: Soberana vaccine and Cuban sovereignty

WEBINAR: Soberana vaccine and Cuban sovereignty
PRESS RELEASE: What are the challenges for a small and poor country like Cuba in developing vaccines against COVID-19?

The following is a press release from the Philippines-Cuba Cultural and Friendship Association.

More than 65 million people around the world have been infected with COVID-19, and more than 1.5 million have died.

Since March this year, big pharmaceutical companies and biotechnological research institutions have been racing to develop vaccines that could provide immunity to the people.

Even before the production of these vaccines, rich countries like the US, EU, and Canada had secured hundreds of millions to several billions of doses, several times more than the need of their population at doses per person.

Do countries of meager means have to be at the mercy of Big Pharma? Or do these have to wait for what the WHO and “charity” would dole out?

Cuba, a small and poor country enduring a cruel economic, commercial, and financial blockade for almost 59 years, is developing 4 vaccines against COVID-19. What are the challenges?

Is this development boon or bane for the Philippines? Why?

Catch Philippines-Cuba Cultural and Friendship Association’s webinar on the Soberana vaccine and Cuban sovereignty on Tuesday, December 8, at 10 am.

Joining the discussion will be Vaccine Expert Panel Council of Health Research & Development chair Nina Gloriani at the Department of Science and Technology, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industries Group president Eduardo Martinez, and Cuban Non-resident Ambassador to the Philippines Ibete Fernandez.

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