Project Inclusion videos call on companies to embrace Persons with Disability

[Editor's note: The following is a press release from Unilab Foundation]

MANILA, Philippines – What if Persons with Disability could surpass the limits set on them by science and society? Would you dare to hire one?

In the Project Inclusion video series, viewers are invited to consider the question: Would you dare to hire a Person with Disability?

Titled "#daretohire," the video series is both a challenge and an invitation to companies: to embrace Persons with Disability (PWDs) in their work pool, and to experience the rewards of hiring persons with unique capabilities.

Through this series, Project Inclusion aims to increase awareness about the benefits of hiring PWDs. Project Inclusion is a program that advocates for workplace inclusion, and enables gainful employment of PWDs in the Philippines. 

Since 2013, Project Inclusion has placed more than 100 PWDs in different industries, including retail, food and beverage, hospitality, and technology. More PWDs are ready and willing to be placed.

The videos feature some of the PWDs seeking jobs through and placed by Project Inclusion. There is diversity among the PWDs featured. There are persons with autism, Down Syndrome, intellectual disability, visual impairment, and hearing disability, who are now employed in different companies. Set in the PWDs’ actual workplaces, with their colleagues and supervisors, the videos draw from real experiences of companies that now practice workplace inclusion. The videos also provide different perspectives on why more companies should hire PWDs.

Launched online on May 6, “Special” highlights the PWDs themselves. The traits that most people see as their disadvantages often turn out to be the factors that allow them to contribute and excel in the workplace. Watch the videos here:

Each video has a call to action: "More than 100 Persons with Disability are already hired through Project Inclusion, and are valuably contributing to their organizations. Seven million more are waiting to share their skills and dedication. Dare to hire one.” 

Building a healthier, more inclusive Philippines 

There are an estimated 10 to 15 million PWDs in the country. Approximately half of them are of working age. Despite the laws that protect their rights, PWDs continue to be an untapped human resource.

Project Inclusion is a program of the Unilab Foundation, focused on enabling the employment of PWDs. Project Inclusion believes that given the right preparation and support, PWDs can make unique contributions to the workplace and to society. The program advocates workplace inclusion by preparing the job-seeking PWD, preparing the employer, and supporting the job transition, putting everyone in positions to succeed.

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