DepEd Senior High School Voucher Program results for SY 2019-2020 released

MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Education released on Monday, June 24, the results of the Senior High School Voucher Program (SHS VP) for SY 2019-2020.

Voucher applicants must go to the Online Voucher Application Portal (OVAP) to check if they qualified. For those who applied online, they must log in to their accounts to check the results, while manual applicants shall use the Search facility on OVAP to check if they qualified.

Qualified Voucher Applicants (QVAs) shall subsequently download their QVA certificates.

The QVA certificate shall be presented by the learner to the private school or state university or college (SUC) or local university or college (LUC) where he/she plans to enroll for Grade 11.

Qualified ALS A&E and PEPT passers shall follow the same procedure, but to redeem the voucher, they must also present their Certificate of Rating (COR) to the school where they plan to enroll.

Only those who took and passed the A&E and PEPT in SY 2018-2019 and are eligible for enrollment in Grade 11 in SY 2019-2020 are qualified to avail the voucher.

The voucher will cover only two years regardless of how long it will take for a student to finish SHS. It also covers the student's tuition and other school fees, but if these exceed the voucher amount, the student is expected to shoulder the rest of the fees. –