Social Media Week Manila's 2nd year set to shape online stories for the better

This is a press release from Social Media Week Manila.

The dawn of social media gave us more progressive ways to share things with each other. Reaching our loved ones, sharing photos of our pets, dishing out our thoughts, and sharing news are now well within the tap of our fingers. 

However, this convenience comes with a downside. With social media becoming chock-full of new content everyday, people are having a more difficult time discerning the things they see and share online. This vulnerability fuels the spread of fake news and hateful content, turning what's supposed to be a great platform for building connections into something that divides us further. 

This is where Social Media Week Manila 2019's mission comes in. This year's event seeks to rekindle the Filipinos' innate passion for storytelling and to encourage them to use social media's influence as a storytelling platform for the better. 

Having the world's largest social media user base, we hold so much power and influence when it comes to changing how stories are propagated across the digital space. Just imagine the impact of getting 67 million social media users to be smarter and more creative in sharing and crafting content – social media as we know it would surely change. 

But we can't do it alone. 

This huge undertaking could not be done without the help and support of industry leaders and professionals with the expertise on social media's peculiarities. 

For this, we sought top brands in the country like Angkas, Google, Zomato, Viu, Klook, and many more to spare insights on how to create good brand stories that build genuine rapport with consumers. 

The event will also be graced by international experts on marketing, advertising, and content creation such as James Gaubert of GOAT Agency, Anastasia Evans of Whalar, Tom Williamson of Salesforce, and Matt Tran of The Engineered Truth to name a few; bringing with them helpful ideas on how to conceive and seed things that deliver positive impact online. 

The Filipino culture highly involves the art of storytelling. Tales of our history, heritage, and even bits of wisdom and principles from our elders are usually passed on through stories. It's also the country's kwentuhan culture that strengthens and cultivates the Filipinos' sense of shared identity which paves the way for the good things to seep in – like kindness, empathy, and nationalism. This is why adapting our amazing values for storytelling to our online habits will help create a digital space and culture that thrives on the good things, which will result in feeds that ignite positivity, knowledge, and happiness to the people scrolling through. 

Take part in this year's story! Join our event on November 11, 2019 at Estancia, Capitol Commons, and on November 12 at Samsung Hall, SM Aura Premiere. Check out and our social media accounts for more info! 

For tickets, visit Ticketworld online and Ticketworld outlets nationwide. –