Exhibit showcases works of women photographers

This is a press release from Tala Photo Collective

MANILA, Philippines – On Women’s Month, Filipino women photographers gather to showcase their works in an exhibit entitled "Talâ ng Tala," which opens on March 14 and will run until April 15 at the Oarhouse Pub of Manila.

Talâ ng Tala is the first group show of Tala Photo Collective, a community of women photographers from all over the Philippines. The title describes what each of the women photographers have been doing for a long time – documenting and recording, through photographs, the stories that they witness as they go about their days. 

The collective was formed to encourage and support women in practicing professional photography in different disciplines. The word "tala" is a Filipino term pertaining to a source of light that helps them capture and tell stories that enlighten and engage viewers on different topics.

The works exhibited represent different stories, highlighting the strength of each photographer in their own disciplines and subjects depicting socio-economic challenges, family life, gender, celebrations, environment, and culture, among others. 

"Talâ ng Tala" features the works of Cheryl Baldicantos, Nana Buxani, Angelica Carballo, Pam Chua, Gigie Cruz, AC Dimatatac, Louise Far, Little Wing Luna, Carmen Lopez, Ruby Thursday More, Kat Palasi, Candice Reyes, Jo A. Santos, and Teena Saulo.