Globe goes ‘Gangnam Style’

Katherine Visconti
Globe's entire management team lets loose in an internal video parody of Gangnam style, which was leaked to the web

MANILA, Philippines – It’s the biggest holiday hit, after all. The Globe Telecom management team is the latest group to parody the hit Korean pop song “Gangnam Style.” Globe CEO Ernest Cu himself plays the role of Korean rapper Psy.

Watch the video here:

Globe spokesperson Yolanda Crisanto claimed it wasn’t meant for public viewing.

“It’s an internal video. We showed it in the Christmas party and I think somebody loaded it on YouTube,” Crisanto told Rappler.

The video was played in Globe Christmas parties in local offices in Davao, Cebu and Manila on the evening of Wednesday, December 19.

“It’s the entire senior leadership team of Globe…. Some of them had their wives (with them). Even the wife of Ernest is there,” she added.

“Everyone was game. The attitude was that if the president himself can do it, so can we,” said Crisanto.

Globe has been hit with a slew of negative comments on social media this year as the company undergoes a massive $700-million network modernization to replace old infrastructure. Asked if this was part of a larger rebranding campaign, Cristano said, “No. It was just fun. Not a marketing campaign.”

“The management team wanted to do it because we wanted to show our employees that we are also human and we like to have fun,” she said. –