#AskTheTaxWhiz: Top questions on tax amnesty

Mon Abrea
#AskTheTaxWhiz: Top questions on tax amnesty
Still confused about tax amnesty? The Philippine Tax Whiz answers the most frequently asked questions.

I was issued an assessment for my delinquencies but I filed an appeal regarding the assessment because I knew that the amounts were wrong. Can I still avail of the tax amnesty on delinquencies?

Only if you withdrew your appeal or protest before the effectivity of the rules and regulations (April 24, 2019). If you did not withdraw your appeal or protest before that date, then the assessments are still not considered final and executory, and are not covered by the tax amnesty on delinquencies.

I am currently being audited by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) for taxable year 2017. Since the tax amnesty on delinquencies covers 2017 and prior, does this mean I can avail of the tax amnesty as well?

No. Since it’s an ongoing audit, your liabilities are still not considered delinquent. The tax amnesty on delinquencies will not have any effect on a current audit.

To know if you are covered by the tax amnesty, here’s a quick summary:

Tax liabilities prior to 2017 Tax liabilities after 2017
With Final Assessment Notice (FAN)/Formal Letter of Demand (FLD) and did not protest Ongoing audit
No FAN/FLD but a pending criminal case Without FAN/FLD
No FAN/FLD but a withholding tax case With FAN/FLD, protested the assessment, and submitted all the necessary documents
With FAN/FLD, protested assessment, but did not submit necessary documents on or before April 24, 2019 With FAN/FLD, protested the assessment, and did not withdraw the protest on or before April 24, 2019
With FAN/FLD, protested assessment, but withdrew the protest on or before April 24, 2019 Did not receive Final Decision on Disputed Assessment (FDDA) on or before April 24, 2019

How many tax amnesty returns (TARs) should I file? Should it be per taxable year or per tax type?

For an easier process, you can just submit one TAR for all your delinquencies. This does not mean you are required to file one TAR only. For instance, if you’re planning on filing an appeal for a specific assessment then only decided to avail of the amnesty later on, you can still file a separate TAR for that.

If you also cannot pay the tax amnesty at once, then you can file your separate TARs so that the payment will be more staggered.

Can I pay the tax amnesty in installments?

No, the tax amnesty has to be paid at once. An alternative you may want to consider is filing separate returns for each tax type and taxable year. With multiple returns, this means you can pay each of those delinquencies separately.

Are there cases when I can avail of the tax amnesty even if the BIR has not yet issued the Final Assessment Notice (FAN), the Formal Letter of Demand (FLD), or the Final Decision on Disputed Assessment (FDDA)?

Yes. If the tax liabilities are unremitted withholding tax or if the liabilities are related to pending criminal cases with the Department of Justice/Prosecutor’s Office or the courts for tax evasion and other criminal offenses. 

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For more information, contact us at consult@acg.ph or (02) 622-7720. – Rappler.com

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