INFOGRAPHIC: Is 10-M tourists goal possible?
There are still major gaps in infrastructure, investments and regulation

MANILA, Philippines – The Aquino government has about 3 more years to meet its goal of 10 million foreign tourist arrivals by 2016, more than double the 4.3 million achieved in 2012.

Is it still possible to hit this aggressive target?

Rappler looked into some of the key factors in bringing into the country the dollar-spending visitors and providing the necessities to reach and stay at their destination.

These factors include infrastructure, investments and regulatory bottlenecks that show major gaps between their current state and the 2016 targets.

Beyond the catchy “It’s more fun in the Philippines” tourism campaign, hitting the goal is hinged on how the stakeholders — the government, regulators, negotiators, airlnes, accommodation industry players, and other investors — address these gaps between now and 2016. –