VIDEO: Aquino takes a jab at Arroyo in ADB speech

Katherine Visconti
Gone are the days of corruption. The Philippines is open for honest business, says the President

MANILA, Philippines – With the board of governors of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and hundreds of finance delegates before him, President Aquino boasted of his administration’s anti-corruption efforts and drew stark contrasts between his and predecessor Gloria Arroyo’s regimes.

“The message, for nine and a half years, was: Nice guys finish last. To finish first, you had to lack conscience, exhibit a certain degree of shamelessness, and be an expert at giving handshakes with one hand, while picking pockets with the other,” said Aquino.

His government has been using the 2012 annual ADB meeting as a venue to push a new image for the Philippines. 

Aquino’s full speech is available here. –