Entrepreneurs on spotlight at Manila Startup Week

Ezra Ferraz
Entrepreneurs on spotlight at Manila Startup Week
The gathering only proves that the Philippines has a very bustling startup scene

When most people think of Philippine business, the first industry that may come to mind is business process outsourcing. Yet the Philippines has a very bustling startup scene.

Many Filipinos are building tech startups that can potentially change the world. Foreigners are getting in on the action as well, moving to country to build their company in what they see as favorable business conditions – affordable labor, a growing middle class, an English speaking populace, and so on.

Perhaps nothing proves this fact better than Manila Startup Week, held from May 18 to May 22. All across the metro there were a variety of events held for both current entrepreneurs and aspiring ones, all aimed at educating, inspiring, and empowering them to succeed as entrepreneurs.

Here are the highlights.

As you can see, the Philippine startup scene is alive and well. Entrepreneurs and investors alike are eager to share their knowledge, network with one another, and even potentially collaborate.

The recently concluded Manila Startup Week attracted Filipino youth – some as young as high school – bodes well for the future of the country’s tech ecosystem. It suggests that more and more young people are looking to entrepreneurship, rather than just employment, as a viable career path.

Government leaders, such as Senator Bam Aquino, are also getting involved. Participation from the highest levels of the Philippine government can ensure that tech companies have a more favorable business environment in which to operate in.

Overall, if Manila Startup Week is any indication, the future of the tech scene in the Philippines is bright. Rappler.com

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