Business Sense

Business Sense: Anchanto COO Abhimanyu Kashikar on e-commerce and the pandemic

How pricey is setting up an e-commerce platform for businesses, and what are the key considerations for it?

The pandemic has forced businesses to ride on the digital transformation wave to continue operations.

Consumers, too, have gotten used to ordering online, as stores remain shut.

But what’s the cost and the fine print in going digital? What are the key considerations for business owners in setting up an e-commerce platform?

In this episode of Business Sense, Rappler business reporter Ralf Rivas talks to Anchanto co-founder and chief operating officer Abhimanyu Kashikar on the challenges of going digital and how his company can help businesses reach their potential amid the so-called new normal.

Anchanto is a company that aims to simplify backend e-commerce operations for businesses of all sizes through innovative platforms. It has been operating in the Philippines since 2017. –