Business Sense

Business Sense: P&A Grant Thornton chairperson and CEO Marivic Españo

P&A Grant Thornton's Marivic Españo opens up about her career journey, interests, and leadership style as the coronavirus pandemic changes auditing practices

Auditing companies have drastically changed, as pandemic lockdowns forced businesses to implement work-from-home arrangements.

Auditors had to heighten their awareness of error or even fraud, and exercise professional skepticism now more than ever.

In this episode of Business Sense, Rappler talks to P&A Grant Thornton chairperson and chief executive officer Marivic Españo about how they have adjusted to the new normal, as well as their new venture into information technology and cybersecurity.

Españo also opens up about her career in accounting, her interests – including her growing plant collection – as well as her leadership style and her advice for young employees. –