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Business Sense: Ovialand president Pammy Olivares-Vital

Business Sense: Ovialand president Pammy Olivares-Vital
For National Women's Month, Business Sense is featuring an all-women lineup. In this episode, Ovialand president Pammy Olivares-Vital talks about real estate trends and their planned IPO.

MANILA, Philippines – Looking for a home outside of congested cities? You’re not alone.

This is among the current trends in the real estate industry, as the pandemic forced people living in cities to avoid large crowds. Fresh air is more sought after too, and that’s something only areas outside Metro Manila can offer.

For this episode of Business Sense, Rappler talks to Ovialand president Pammy Olivares-Vital, who runs the Southern Luzon-based affordable housing company.

She talks about their planned initial public offering and expansion to other parts of the Philippines, as well as how women are leading in a predominantly male real estate industry. –