By The Numbers

By The Numbers: Opposition to Pasig River Expressway

By The Numbers: Opposition to Pasig River Expressway
Rappler talks to Ira Cruz of AltMobility PH about the planned Pasig River Expressway and why mobility advocates are opposing the project

San Miguel Corporation will be building an elevated expressway along the Pasig River, as the government gave the green light for the project.

What does that mean?

It means that another Skyway will be built in Metro Manila, but this time, it will be on top of the Pasig River.

Heritage conservationists have slammed the Pasig River Expressway (PAREX) project as they said it would destroy the sight line of Intramuros – making it a major photobomber reminiscent of the issue on Torre de Manila and Rizal Park.

Transport and mobility groups also criticized the project, pointing out that building more roads would not equate to traffic decongestion.

Rappler reporter Aika Rey will talk to Ira Cruz of AltMobility PH to discuss the group’s opposition to PAREX, as well as other public transportation issues.

Cruz is also the partnership lead of Action for Economic Reforms. He was previously part of Pasig Transport of the Pasig City government. –