By The Numbers: The Philippines' proposed 2021 budget

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The national budget for 2021 will be President Rodrigo Duterte's most critical and most political one.

Pegged at P4.5 trillion, it would reflect Duterte's legacy programs, as it would be his last full-year budget before the 2022 elections.

It would also show which sectors the government is prioritizing, as the country reels from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The proposed 2021 budget is 9.9% higher than the 2020 budget and is equivalent to 21.8% of the projected gross domestic product next year.

As the pandemic wipes out millions of jobs, the Duterte administration is planning to build its way out of the pandemic through infrastructure projects.

The President is also ramping up pension payments for the police and the military.

Rappler's business reporters Aika Rey and Ralf Rivas break down Duterte's budget and spending plans in By The Numbers, Rappler's newest business show. –